Here are 5 Ways to Celebrate the Solar Eclipse tomorrow! Will you be watching it? Our family is so excited. We are driving just an hour to experience totality. For more eclipse tips and information, visit be sure to read my Eclipse post it will tell you the what, when, and where.

5 Ways to Celebrate the Solar Eclipse

Hopefully, you already have eclipse glasses! Be sure you don’t directly at the sun. It can cause blindness! Watch small children.  If you don’t have eclipse glasses. You can make a pinhole camera! It is an easy option and makes viewing very safe.

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Solar Eclipse Coloring page

If you want a special way to remember the day just print and fill it out!

eclipse coloring sheet

This Solar Eclipse Printable Worksheet pack is just what you need! It has a coloring page – one is trace the letters for my preschooler and the other is fill in the blank  for the older two.  It also has a fun matching game, a word search that my 5th grader will love, and a notebooking page.

This solar eclipse craft for kids is fun and easy!

For younger kids, this eclipse coloring page will be a lot of fun!

eclipse coloring page

Have fun experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime event (even if you are only experiencing a partial eclipse). Be sure to enjoy the moment and not get too busy taking pictures. It only lasts a minute or two!  If you don’t live where you can view the eclipse you can watch it online with Nasa!

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