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Tie Dye T-shirt Bag

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This cool tie dye t-shirt bag is super easy to make takes only takes minutes to sew. If you are looking for more fun things to do this summer with your kids be sure to check out these fun crafts. Summer is a great time to learn how to sew. If you would like to do some sewing be sure to check out my kids sewing tutorials. I even have fun printable sewing sheets for sewing practice.

tshirt bag tutorial
I used Tulip One-Step Mini Tie Dye Kit and a child’s medium t-shirt. We already had a One-Step Spray Dye Kit that my daughter wanted to try. The plain bottles are easier to handle, but she loved spraying! tie dye tshirt bag supplies

How to spiral tie dye

To make a spiral tie dye shirt a fork is a really handy tool.  Place the fork in the center middle of the shirt. Press down firmly (without going through the fabric) and begin twisting. Twist until the entire shirt is in a spiral. hot to spiral tie dye Tightly wrap rubber bands around the shirt. how to spiral tie dye tutorial These tulip kits are super easy to use and include everything you need, even gloves! Just add water and you are ready to go. Place dye in each section between the rubber bands. Make sure to really saturate the fabric. Allow to sit for about six hour. Follow manufacturer instructions for washing and caring for the shirt. how to spiral tye dye shirt Once you have made your amazing tie dye shirt you are ready to turn it into a cool bag for the summer. spiral tie dye shirt

How to make a t-shirt into a bag

Lay the shirt out flat. Align edges of the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. spiral tie dye Carefully fold the shirt in half. Cut around the neck and sleeves. tshirt bag tutorial Open up the shirt. Turn shirt inside out and sew across the bottom of the shirt. tshirt bag how to copy Turn the shirt right side out and you have an amazing bag! tie dye t-shirt bag

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