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Star Garland

Surprise Me!

I plan to hang these festive stars over our tables on Saturday.


If you have a Cricut use the Stand Up and Salute Cartridge for the open star cut to 7 1/2 inches. For the smaller blue star hanging at the bottom I used the Plantin Cartridge for the star cut at 4inches. The larger red star was another Plantin star cut at 7 1/2 inches

Don’t have a Cricut–no worries print out these stars for a template!

Double Star Garland Template

I left a long tail of thread (so I would have something to hang it with) and began sewing the stars together with the sewing machine with a long stitch length.


For the three dimensional star cut two large stars with the Plantin Cartridge cut at 7 1/2″.  On one star cut a slit from the top to the middle and on the second star cut a slit from the bottom to the middle.

star Slip the two stars together. I used just a touch of hot glue at the top and the bottom of the star to fasten the two stars together and keep them open and in place.

Here is a template.

Three Dimensional Hanging Star Garland



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