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How to make homemade ornaments

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One of our favorite activities to get ourselves ready for Christmas (like most of you) is to decorate our tree with homemade Christmas ornaments.  A big part of this always includes looking over the many handmade items we have created over the years.  While having all my decorations matching is tempting, it means so much more to my children (and to me) to add those items that we created together.  We love to spend time around the holiday’s crafting and feeling the spirit of the season.  This is a great way to get your kids involved and help them spread that Christmas cheer!

Homemade Painted Santa Ornament

To make the Santa you will need one medium size round ornament, paint (flesh color, white, black and red),  Snow Tex by DecoArt, paintbrushes.

Paint a flesh color rectangle on the front of the ornament. It will need at least two coats.

With the end of the paint brush handle make dots for the eyes and nose.

Mix the Snow Tex with a little white paint (about 3:1 ratio) to make it a bit thinner consistency. Paint down the sides of the flesh rectangle and around the top of the ornament.

Paint a mustache, beard and add a small little dot for the mouth. Be very generous with the Snow Tex. It will shrink slightly as it dries.

{Drum Roll} you have a darling Santa Ornament.

If your looking for  Holiday Crafts for younger kids you might enjoy learning how to make these simple handmade Christmas ornaments.

Pom pom ornaments

Paper candy canes tutorial

Next year when you get the decorations out your child will first grab for the decorations they created; all while telling you exactly what you did together to create it. What a wonderful way to  create memories!

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