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Rice Bag Feet Warmer

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Welcome to our Bake, Craft & Sew Along the sewing edition! Don’t forget to skip on over to According to Kelly to see some fun crafty non-sewing gifts and to A Southern Fairytale for edible goodies that will be perfect this holiday season.

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Today Vanessa of V & CO. shows us how to make a useful and I am sure to be much appreciated gift – a heated foot warmer. It is also perfect to sooth a stiff neck or sore back! You will want to visit her shop for some lovely patterns for handmade gifts.

Vanessa writes…

this would be
a perfect holiday gift for neighbors, friends, or teachers.
it’s fast it’s cheap and essential for
the cold weather!

what you’ll need:
one bag of rice (i used a 1 lb 12 oz bag) one fat quarter of muslin and one fat
quarter of really cute fabric. (this particular fabric is moda)

first you are going to cut two 14 x 7 inches rectangles
out of your muslin (this will be your rice bag)

sew together along three sides of your muslin pieces using
a 1/4 seam allowance.

turn it inside out and fill it with the whole bag of rice.

fold in the raw edge in on itself and sew shut. your rice bag
is done, so put it aside. now lets start working on your cover.

grab your super cute fabric and cut out three different
rectangles. one at 14 x 7 the second one at 10 x 7 and the third one at 8 x 7

now the two smaller rectangles are the back so you are
going to fold over 1/4 inch once (on one of the 7 inch side) and press with an

then fold over again for the second time and press with an
iron. do the same to the second small rectangle.

next sew along your folded fabric so that you end up with
two nice finished edges

place right sides together

make sure you pin down all three pieces

and sew along all four sides together using a 1/4 inch
seam allowance.

turn inside out and stuff the muslin rice bag inside your
slip cover.
to heat it up you will need to place it in a microwave on hi for about 1 minute.
check it and make sure it’s not too hot. if you need it a little warmer…place it in there for a few seconds more.just make sure it doesn’t get too hot that it will burn the skin!!!
and now your toe’s can be all nice and toasty in style and
it’s so darn cute that it’ll even look good hanging out on your night table!

thanks all for letting me come over today! please check out all my other tutorials and patterns for sale!


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