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Recycled May Day Baskets

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We are celebrating Earth Day by getting a head start on our May Day Baskets.


We used tall tin cans (the ones pasta sauce comes in), a coat hanger for the handle, a piece of brown paper grocery bag cut with scalloped scissors and a piece of twine. The cans would be extra sweet with a scrap of pretty scrapbook paper, or fabric and pretty ribbon tied around the middle or you could  paint the can. We pierced holes for the handles by nailing a nail in each side of the can.

maydaycan2Make the handle long (ours was about 18 inches) so it will fit over a door knob when filled with flowers.


Interested in other eco friendly crafts? Check out how to make cloth napkins and how to make a zippered pouch from recycled juice bags.

You will find more ways to celebrate May Day here.


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