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Photo Block Ornaments

Surprise Me!

I love this creative idea from Christian. These ornaments would make great gifts for family and friends!  They would also be a fun project for a classroom.  Most teachers now receive a set of pictures of each child in their class from the company that comes to take school pictures. They usually receive multiple individual shots of each child—the perfect size for this project.

For more clever ideas visit Christian at Who Would Have Thought It, you’ll find ideas for kid and grown-up crafts!

Christian writes——————————-

You know how Halley’s Comet comes around about once every 75 years or so? That is about how often I have an original idea, one of my very own that I didn’t kipe from someone else. Don’t you feel fortunate? You, yes, you get to witness this rare and beautiful event!

Okay, okay…I really believe that I came up with this one on my own…but I am afraid to google it and find out..break it to me gently if it isn’t true, better yet, just let me be blissfully ignorant!

These ornaments will adorn my tree this year. And they were so very easy to make!
You need:
Modge Podge
Diamond Glaze
Alphabet blocks
Decorative Paper
Straight pin
Eyelet hooks
Modge podge your paper and picture to the block. Let it dry.
Screw in the eyelet hook. I also attached my ribbon in this step, but save it until they are all done, otherwise you might drip gooey stuff on and have to cut a new piece.

Apply the Diamond Glaze. If there are little bubbles you can work them out with a straight pin, or just pop them with your fingernail. The glaze looks foggy until it dries.

Let it dry.

Admire your handiwork!

**edited to say**
You can find diamond glaze at Joann.com, or several other online craft stores. I was hard pressed to find it in any store in Spokane or Kennewick. Also, there is something called Ailene’s paper glaze that you can get at Michael’s. It is similar, but I have never used it.

Cindy here……. Diamond Glaze is also hard to find in my area!  I would like to know if anyone has tried the Ailene’s paper glaze?

Thanks Christian for sharing such an awesome idea!


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