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Pet Rocks from Blonde Designs

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The talented Angie and Kristin of Blonde Designs are here to share their adorable rock creations. Be sure to check out how they turned  some of them into rock necklaces.

Making Pet Rocks

My girls are officially on summer vacation and amidst swimming, play dates and camps, we have been trying to do a weekly craft project. My 7-year old, Charlotte, loves nothing more than a trip to the craft store. She could wander the aisles for hours. My 4-year old, Amelia, likes it for about 5 minutes. Hence, we needed a craft to appeal to both ages. After a bit of brainstorming, we came up with the idea of making pet rocks.

The beauty of this project is that it can take as little or as long as your child has the patience for. The possibilities are endless. Ladybugs, panda bears, turtles…. the list goes on and on.


You will need a selection of rocks (I had a bag from IKEA – however, I’m sure you can find some in your yard), cement glue, masking tape (to hold the rocks in place after you glue them), googly eyes, paint brushes and either Tempura paint (for younger children) or acrylic paint (for older children).

The simplest pet rocks require no gluing, ala these darling ladybugs. This is a good starting point as your more in-depth “pets” are drying.

For Charlotte’s polka-dotted panda bear, we had to wait overnight for it to dry due to the large rocks used. Masking tape came in handy for holding all the pieces together until they were completely dry. Then the fun begins with the paint!

Amelia adores her pet puppy dog which took approximately 3 minutes for her to paint. I adore that our “pets” require no upkeep…happy summer!

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