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Monogram Magnet

Surprise Me!

We are back in school and wonderful papers are coming home. I thought it would be fun to have a special magnet to showcase these darling papers!

These letter magnets were super simple to make and would make fun inexpensive handmade gifts for friends!

Supplies for monogram magnets

(actually everything you need can be found at Michael’s Arts & Crafts)

How to make a monogram magnet

Paint front of letter with Decoupage.

Place a piece of scrapbooking paper on top of the letter.

Allow Decoupage to dry for at least 15 minutes.

Place letter on a cutting board and working from the back,  trim away the excess paper with a sharp knife.

Paint two to three more coats of Decoupage onto the top of the later. Allow to dry 15 minutes between each layer.

Once letter is completely dry, glue super strength magnets to the back. Use an industrial strength glue.

Now you are ready to start showing off those papers!


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