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Lunch Bag Flowers

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Lunch bag flowers (or in this case lunch bag stars) are my go to simple and inexpensive party decoration! They are perfect Fourth of July decorations or make them out of white lunch bags for beautiful bridal shower decorations. Give the white lunch sack flowers a few cuts along the edge and they make wonderful lunch bag snowflakes.

fourth of july party decorations

For each lunch bag flower you need six lunch bags.

paper bag flowers supplies

Just the regular paper lunch sacks.

lunch bag flower step 1

Fold down the bottom.

lunch bag flowers step 2

Cut the bottom of the lunch bag off.

lunch bag flowers step 4

lunch bag flowers step 5

Trim the top of all six lunch bags in a petal shape.

lunch bag flowers step 6

Place hot glue along the lower side bottom, about two to three inches from the bottom on each side. Place another lunch bag on top. Continue gluing until you have sandwiched all six bags.

lunch bag flowers step 7

You have hooked the bags together. Make sure the glue doesn’t run over the edges.

lunch bag flowers step 8

Fan the sacks out and fasten with glue. It is a bit tricky, but you will get the hang of it. I do one side then the other. Place hot glue in the center if needed to match up bags.

lunch sack flower decorations

Punch hole in one petal and hang with fishing line.

lunch bag flower decorations


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