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Its National Macaroni Day

Surprise Me!

I didn’t even know this was a holiday, but yes there actually is a National Macaroni Day. So we decided to celebrate with colored macaroni (okay I didn’t have macaroni so we used shaped pasta) necklaces.

How To Color Dried Macaroni

We used alcohol, food coloring, shaped dried pasta, yarn and a yarn needle (or bobby pin works great too as a needle).

Place pasta in a Ziploc bag, fill with alcohol until pasta is covered. Add lots of food coloring.  Close bags and let them sit until the pasta is the color you want (we did about 5 minutes).

Carefully remove pasta from bags and allow to completely dry.

Thread pasta shapes onto yarn. Tie one of the pasta shapes at the end to stop the others from falling off.

String all the pasta onto the yarn….

Fasten ends together when finished and proudly wear for National Macaroni Day!


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