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How to sew a headband {Kids Sewing Project}

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Welcome to our first kids sewing project with Singer. We are making  a headband today. I must admit when Bella and I chose the projects for this series we were only thinking of ourselves, so the projects are pretty girly! However, after she made this simple headband she said with different fabric a boy can use it too. She took a few pictures to show! We will also be thinking of some more manly projects. Any requests?

Singer has created a pattern for us to download.

SINGER & SkiptomyLou Kids Series Headband Project 1


Do I prewash fabric before I start sewing?

If what you’re sewing will ever need to be washed, it’s a good idea to prewash the fabric before sewing.  Prewashing allows for shrinkage and or  texture changes to happen to the fabric  before it is is cut and sewn.  The bolt of fabric at the store will have the care instructions printed on the end. I don’t always do it but it is a great habit to bring fabric home from the store and prewash, even if you won’t be sewing right away. This way it is ready to do whenever you are ready! So follow the care instructions, launder and the press and you will be ready!

How to sew a headband

Cut a 5″ X 44″ (approximately 44-45″, we just used the natural width of the fabric) piece of fabric. To make it easier to cut I drew a line on the fabric with a Disappearing Ink Marker. As with most projects it is best to have quality supplies! Sharp scissors and pins will cut down on frustration!


Fold the strip in half lengthwise so you have a 2 ½” X 44” rectangle. Make sure the right  sides are together on the inside and you see the wrong side (back) of the fabric on the outside.It is  important  to match up the raw edges. Pin to keep them lined up during sewing.

Start at the end and stitch along the whole length of the strip. We used about a half inch seam with a 3 stitch length. Notice that I put a piece of blue painters tape across the machine for a guide.  A piece of foam tape also works well, since it is raised up.

Lower presserfoot and begin sewing, reverse a few stitches and then begin stitching forward again.

Place large safety pin or Bodkin on one end.

Feed it into the tube all the way through until you can pull it out the other side turning the tube inside out.

Press. I did this part. Bella wasn’t sure about the iron. That is okay, we have more chances to pick up these skills.

Tuck the edge of the open end inside the tube of fabric about a 1/2 inch.


Stitch across the end. Repeat on the other end.

Look how simple! Just wrap around the head and tie.

Now if you are a boy, it would make a great warrior headband!

This warrior had some serious moves!


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