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How to make easy and inexpensive flower centerpieces

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This is my quick and really cheap way to dress up a table!


Wet Floral Foam – a 3 pack is about $4.00, and will make 12

Plastic plant saucers – .35 cents each

Candle – less than a dollar

Flowers – free, I used blooming branches from my yard

Cut floral foam in half lengthwise and then each piece in half.

Slightly trim off bottom corners of foam at an angle so the foam sits snugly into the plastic saucer.

Soak floral foam.

Place foam in container and add a candle (I wish the candles I had on hand had been a bit taller.)

Stick flowers into the foam. Depending on the flowers you use, if  you keep the floral foam wet these flower centerpieces will last for days! These are even great to make in the winter with evergreen from your yard!

I made 7 centerpieces for less than $1.00 each!


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