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How to Make Candy Graduation Cap Pops

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If you are looking for a festive graduation treat that needs no baking, these super simple candy pops are perfect for your next graduation celebration!

Graduation Cap Pop Supplies

Mini m&ms
Mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Milk Chocolate Candy Coating
Candy Writer in your choice of color
square chocolate candy mold
4 inch sucker sticks

How to make a candy mortarboard

Slowly melt candy coating at 15 second intervals in the microwave, stirring after each 15 seconds. About 40 candy disks will fill the mold. Fill mold with candy coating and tap mold to release bubbles. Place mold in freezer for 5-10 minutes until chocolate is completely cooled. Chocolate squares should fall easily out of the mold.

Dip  sucker stick into candy coating and stick into the peanut butter cup.

Melt candy writers according to package directions. Starting in the center of the chocolate square draw a line to the edge making a tassel. Place a mini m&m in the center on top.

Attach the chocolate square to the peanut butter cup with a dab of melted candy coating. Allow candy coating to set and you have the perfect graduation cap!


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