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How to make a money tree {teacher appreciation}

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Hi, I am so excited to be guest posting for Cindy at Skip To My Lou! How lucky am I that I even just got to meet Cindy, at Creative Estates!
rebecca wFor Skip To My Lou readers that do not know me my name is Rebecca and I blog at Roots And Wings Co.  I thoroughly believe that as parents our job is to give our children Roots and Wings!  I grew up with traditions, craftiness and stories.  I hope that my little corner on the web will help you to establish roots for your family to grow from, and wings so that you can soar with ideas you get from me.

Cindy asked for a post about a Teacher Appreciation gift.  I truly believe it takes a village to raise our children and so I am very grateful to the teachers in my children’s lives!  I really try to think of giving something that teachers will actually want and not just be appreciative of the thought!  So, I came up with the idea for a Money Tree!
teacher appreciation money tree j

Collect money from the class to use to decorate this cute tree with.  Send a request home in students’ backpacks.  At my school you can put a sealed envelope with the parent’s name (or even “Jeremy’s Parent” if you don’t know names) on the envelope, so that the teacher does not know what you are doing.  Depending on how much money you get will tell you how to break up your denominations.  You want the tree to be full so even use one dollar bills if you need to.  The above tree has 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 20’s.
You could do this quicker and easier by just rolling up money and tying it to the tree.  However, I really wanted my money tree to be super cute!  There are a million different origami flowers that you can use for this.  I went with the one that I thought was the prettiest flower!  This is a little time consuming but is so worth it!  I found the tutorial for the flower at Origami Money Flower Blog! This blog has a video tutorial as well as pdf instructions!

Teacher Appreciation Money Tree Gift Tutorial

Tree form
Dollar bills (all denominations, my tree used 33 bills)
Chalkboard Paint
Glue Dots
teacher appreciation money tree b

1. Get a tree form.  I wanted something the teacher might use again once they remove the money.  I found this tree at the Dollar Store (so even if she throws it away after she takes the money off, it was only a dollar!).
teacher appreciation money tree o

2. Paint rectangle of chalkboard paint onto pot.  I used this rectangle to write the teachers name on it for the finished gift.  Then, the teacher can just erase that and write their own phrases to go with how they decorate the tree.  They could write “Happy Easter” and hang small easter eggs, or whatever the season!
teacher appreciation money tree l

3.  Iron your money flat.  I went to the bank and got dollar bills in every denomination up to 20’s.  Then, I used my flat iron to make them all nice and crisp!

teacher appreciation money tree a

4.  Make all of your origami flowers.  My flowers took three dollar bills for each flower.  This is the origami flower instructions that I used, but you can use any that you want!
teacher appreciation money tree m

5.  Attach flowers to the tree. I attached mine using glue dots.  This works really well at holding the flowers in place, but the glue dots will not ruin the money!
teacher appreciation money tree c

6.  Don’t forget to write the teacher’s name onto the pot.

In the end, the teacher can easily take the flowers off the tree, unfold them, and use them!  Now they can get exactly what they want (or need), they received a beautiful gift, and there was thought and time put into the gift!  Seems like a win, win, win to me!

Thank you Cindy, for letting me take part in this fun teacher appreciation roundup!!  Don’t forget to check out all the rest of the fun Teacher Appreciation ideas!

Rebecca of Roots And Wings Co

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