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Here is an easy way to make a tiered serving tray that can easily be interchanged with different plastic plates and bowls.

I originally was wanting to make the one from the Giver’s Log, but I couldn’t find the thrift-ed pieces.

The supplies for this project can be found at home improvement stores (like Lowe’s). The plastic plates are from Target. I also found some cool plastic plates at a local thrift store.

Supplies for Tiered Serving Tray

2 plastic plates

one knob that fits threaded rod

1 – 1/2″ X 3′ round aluminum tube (there are cool square ones too!)

1 – #8-32 X 3′ threaded rod

1 package of #8-32 X 1  1/4 combo round w/nut (or one nut to fit end of threaded rod)

2 rubber washers 3/16″ X 1/2″ X 1/16″

11/64″ drill bit

fine sandpaper

(we did not end up using the #10 flat zinc washers)

You will have plenty of supplies left over. These would make great gifts!

How to make a tiered serving tray

Cut aluminum tube with saw, making sure cut is level. You will need a 6″ length and 3″ length (these can be adjusted to your own needs)

Cut threaded rod into a 9 1/2″ length

Lightly sand aluminum tubes to make surface even and remove imperfections

Drill hole in center of two plastic plates. It worked best to place masking tape where the hole needed to be drilled and drill from the front.

Put 9 1/2″ threaded rod through bottom plate and put a nut underneath the plate.

Next place rubber washer on top of bottom plate, place 6″ aluminum tube around threaded rod.

Place next plate, a rubber washer, 3″ aluminum piece and then screw knob tightly to top.

The pieces can be easily removed and interchanged with other plastic plates to fit any party theme or color scheme!


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