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How to dye eggs with food coloring

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We are getting ready for Easter at our house! My kids love to dye eggs. It is easy to do with food coloring you probably already have on hand.

Prepare eggs by boiling them or removing the egg yolk.  We use a baby nasal aspirator (one that is saved for only this purpose) to blow the yolk from the egg. Take a needle and make a hole in each end of the egg. Place the aspirator in the top of the egg and squeeze, blowing the yolk out the bottom of the egg. Rinse egg and remove any water by gently blowing in one of the holes with your mouth.

How to color eggs with food coloring

Place 1/2 cup  tap water in containers. Place 5 drops of gel paste coloring (10 drops for yellow or light colors), or use 20 drops of liquid food coloring and mix well. Add in 1 tablespoon white vinegar and stir.

Place eggs in dye. Since the eggs are hollow they will need help staying immersed in the dye. This can be done with a spoon.

Allow eggs to soak in dye until eggs are the color you desire. Remove eggs, blow any dye out of the egg and allow eggs to dry on a paper towel.

Tomorrow I will show what I did with the eggs!


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