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Homemade Sugar Cubes

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I love making shaped sugar cubes. They are super easy to make and add such a nice detail to a party or just make daily tea drinking extra special! These homemade shaped sugar cubes would also make a nice homemade gift.

All you need is a mold, granulated sugar, water and paste food coloring (optional).

Mix 1/2 cup sugar with 1 teaspoon water and tiny (pin drop) bit of paste food coloring. Mix well. It will feel like damp sand.

Firmly press the sugar into the heart mold.

Carefully flip mold over and remove the hearts. It is a bit tricky during the flip but,  I found it easiest to fill mold and immediately remove so I could keep making the sugar cubes. Wipe mold between fillings.

Allow sugar cubes to dry and harden. It doesn’t take long to have beautiful homemade sugar cubes!


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