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Homemade Butterfly Net from Little Birdie Secrets

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The creative trio from Little Birdie Secrets are sharing the most clever homemade butterfly net!

The three little birdies write…..

After having two boys, I’ve learned to love bugs. At least from afar. But my boys will pick up any insect they come across and want to know everything about it. This summer we plan to catch and categorize as many bugs as possible, so I made a simple butterfly net to aid us in the capture of insects of the Lepidoptera order.

Butterfly Net Tutorial

*Wooden dowel
*Wire hanger
*Piece of netting or tulle, about 22″ x 32″
*Electrical tape (comes in many colors)
*Acrylic paint and foam brush (optional)
*Narrow ribbon
*Blunt yarn needle
*Sewing machine and thread

1. Start by painting your dowel (if you want) and letting it dry.

2. Take your wire hanger apart and bend into a circle about 9 inches in diameter, leaving long ends to wrap around dowel.

3. Fold your piece of tulle in half. Using a zig-zag stitch, stitch across the bottom and up the long side to create a bag.

4. Next, create a casing in the top of your tulle bag. On the open end, fold the top over about an inch and a half. Starting at the side seam, measure over about one inch and start zig-zag stitching around. Stop about one inch before you get back to the beginning. This leaves an opening to insert your wire hoop.

5. Thread your wire hoop through the net casing. I put a little electrical tape on the end of the wire to make it easier to thread through the netting.

6. With your net on the hoop, wrap and twist the ends of the hanger around one end of the dowel. Cut ends off with a wire cutter if necessary.

7. Cover the wire with electrical tape to make it sturdy (and to protect little hands from the ends of the wire).

8. To reinforce the net, I took a yarn needle and a narrow piece of ribbon and whip-stitched around the edge. Then I weaved the end of the ribbon around the dowel and tied it in a bow. It’s a little cutesie for my boys, so this one may go to the nieces.

That’s it! Go catch some bugs!

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