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Free printable stuffed bear to sew

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We are still thinking about National Sewing Month and using our  little machine. Yesterday we made this cute stuffed bear by printing on fabric.


Bear Front Download

Bear Back Download

How to make your own print and sew bear:

Download bear and print on fabric. You can buy fabric that is specifically made for the printer (If you are squeamish or can’t take it when someone says, “you sent what through the printer”– buy the proper paper.) If you like to live on the edge — hang on and I will tell you how to make your own paper backed fabric.

Cut a piece of very light weight white cotton fabric (muslin) and Freezer Paper slightly larger than 8 1/2 X 11.  Iron the shiny side of the paper to the fabric. Use a dry iron and hold for about 5 seconds. start from the middle and work to edges. If you have wrinkles in the fabric press on fabric side until smooth.  I then cut out the now paper backed fabric to  8 1/2″ X 11″. Give it another press — it needs to be really flat.  In fact, I think it works to give it a press right before you run it through your printer. It is best to use a simple ink jet printer — not a fancy 4 in 1 copier that has an elaborate (and expensive) system on the inside (I speak from experience people). Simply send your paper backed fabric through the printer so it prints on the fabric side. **Use ‘normal’ color print mode and choose ‘fit to page’ on your printer settings.**

If you want to conserve ink you can use any cotton (a cute brown print would be fun) fabric for the back of the bear.


Peal paper from back of fabric. On the wrong side of the bear trace around the outside edge of the bear. A disappearing fabric marking pen would be great, but I only could find a pencil.


Pin and sew. We left our opening for turning at the top of the head.


Trim and clip all curves and corners. Slip stitch opening closed.

PrintableBear4Turn and stuff!

Thanks Amanda for making us a cute bear to print and sew!


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