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Fourth of July Ponytail Holder

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Bella made these festive ponytail holders for her and her friends for our Fourth of July parade. These ponytail holders are the perfect craft for 8 year old girls! This is one of the many fun crafts we have been doing this summer. Michaels has challenged us to have a crafty summer and we are working hard at it.

How to make a 4th of July Ponytail Holder

You will need a red, a white and a blue bandana and elastic ponytail holders.
4th of july hairband supplies
Cut the bandanas in half.
4th of july hairband step 1
Then cut the bandana in one inch strips. This can easily be done with scissors and it doesn’t have to be exact. I cut the strips for Bella with a rotary cutter.
4th of july hairband step 2
Each elastic ponytail holder will need about 12 strips.
4th of july  hairband step 3

Tie a Lark’s Head Knot

Fold the strip of bandana in half and slip it under the elastic band. Place one hand through loop and grab the ends and pull them through the loop.

Our trick for keeping the elastic band straight and having a clear space to tie is to place the elastic band on your ankle!

4th of july ponytail holder photo tutorial
Fourth of July Ponytail holder instructions
Continue making lark’s head knots all the way around the elastic band until you cannot see the elastic band.
fourth of july hairband finished
Now Bella and her friends with have festive hair for the Fourth and we have had fun crafting!
fourth of july ponytail holder


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