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Fortune cookies with free printable {Teacher Appreciation}

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Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May. Through all of April I am excited to share some amazing ideas from some of the most wonderful bloggers for my Teacher Appreciation series! It’s a great month! You will be totally prepared with ideas to thank your teachers!

Welcome Kelly from According to Kelly …

My go-to teacher thank you is quick & easy, and ALWAYS a hit.

To get started, you’ll want to gather your supplies…. a “chinese” take out box (if you don’t want to use the “real” thing, check your local craft store for some very colorful options), & enough fortune cookies to fill the box.

I always pick up my fortune cookies at my local grocery store – look for them in the “Asian Foods” aisle.

Now, if you want to get “fancy,” feel free to give your fortune cookies a chocolate bath. Simply follow the melting instructions on the milk chocolate candy melts bag & dip…

& If you you really want to go above & beyond – be sure to include a gift card to your favorite Chinese Restaurant, to say thank you.

Of course, no proper thank you gift is complete without a cheeky printable. (Find printable here. right click on the image & save to your desktop. Print image, & cut out with scissors or a circle punch).

Pull it all together… fill the chinese take out box with the fortune cookies, & gift card (if your so inclined). Don’t forget to sign the “cheeky” printable, & top it off with a bow!

Really & truly this is one of the quickest & simplest ways to say thank you. Plus, it’s ALWAYS well received. I can personally guarantee your teachers will LOVE it.

according to kellyAbout Kelly: Cherry Coke drinking, crushed ice loving, world-traveling, bike riding, apron wearing, snowboarding, fabric obsessed, marathon training, Disneyland loving, sparkle skirt wearing, surprisingly shy triathlete, REAL orange county housewife & mama of 3, with ADD crafting tendencies & an MBA degree.

Mastermind behind Just Spotted, THE premiere family & kid oriented guide to living, visiting & dreaming about Orange County. Kelly blogs about her real life adventures at According to Kelly, & you can foller her on Twitter at @according2kelly & on Pinterest.


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