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Felt Groundhog Finger Puppet

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Celebrate Groundhog Day with a felt hiding groundhog puppet.

A few pieces of felt, a 5 oz cup, wiggly eyes, thread (for whiskers), large Popsicle stick and glue is all you need.

I made groundhog finger puppets for my crafting partners.  To give the ears dimension, I folded the sides of the ears to the center and place them between the two body  pieces and machine sewed around the edge.

Add some facial details and you have a groundhog finger puppet.   To use the finger puppet for the hiding groundhog just place it over a large popsicle stick.

My crafting partners also made their own groundhog puppets. To make it simple for them they glued their groundhog pieces directly to the popsicle stick.

Then they added the face.

Cut a hole in the bottom of the cup for the popsickle stick to fit through.

Next they glued felt to the outside of the plastic cup.

Then they cut slits in the felt around the top edge.

Fit the groundhog through the hole. Now you see him.

Now you don’t.

Happy Groundhog Day!

Just when you think you have thought of the most clever craft ever, you then find others have thought of it also.  I have seen similar groundhog puppets around the web. If you have a similar craft or fun idea to celebrate Groundhog Day please leave a link in the comments so everyone can check it out!

Can you believe this is a groundhog shaped meatloaf? It was made by Sommer, a Skip to my Lou reader.

Sommer said she was surprised at how easy and fun it is to shape meatloaf.  She says if you bake your normal meatloaf on a foil covered cookie sheet, you can pretty much shape it into whatever you want.  The eyes are olives and the whites of his eyes and teeth are mashed potatoes.  Her family calls it the Ground-Groundhog Meatloaf.  I think she should be a food sculptor. Sommer has some skills!

I have linked my hiding groundhog puppets to Today’s Creative Blog’s Get Your Craft On! Go check her out and be inspired. Don’t forget link up a project and show her what you’ve got!


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