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Felt Flower t-shirt tutorial {Guest Post}

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Hello, it is such a huge honor to be here today. I have been a fan of Skip to my Lou for a very long time.

My name is Lindsay & I run a blog called Southern Lovely. I am a busy mom of three little ones, who constantly keep me running. Whenever I have free time, I enjoy creating. It’s my outlet, really.Today I am going to share a fun spring sewing project, that can be altered in a variety of ways.

My girls were in need of a few spring shirts, and since I’ve had lots of fun making skirts for them, I decided to embellish some t-shirts. I saw this adorable tutorial for a onesie, and thought it would be fun to put my own spin on it.

Here’s what I did–

Felt (I used three colors for an ombre effect)
Sewing Machine

Trace 2 inch petals on your felt & cut.

I initially cut 7 petals for each row, but I will explain below that you only need 5 for each row.
So a total of 15 traced & cut.

Arrange your petals on your shirt. The best way that I found, is to start in the middle & work out. You need to make sure your center petal is exactly in the middle. Pin the top row, then move to the second & then the last. You can arrange however you feel looks best, I liked having them right below each other.

Now it’s time to attach the petals to the shirt.
I started with the top row & stitched a straight line.
Then lift up the top row & move to the second row, then finish with the third.
Let me explain why the row of seven petals didn’t work. I had my daughter try it on & it looked like the petals were overtaking her. I had to laugh, even though I knew it was going to be more work for me. So my seam ripper & I had a nice little go at it for a while. :)
I really like how it looks with FIVE petals on each row.
Much better.

And my little model had fun showing it off to me.
I think I am trying to channel ‘flower growing weather’, what do you think?! :)

Thank you so much for letting me share here today!
I love meeting new friends, so feel free to stop by my place & say hi!

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