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Felt Crayon Holder

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These felt crayon holders were the party favors at my daughter’s birthday party.


How To Make A Felt Crayon and Notepad Holder


(I used the inexpensive craft felt found in 9″X12″ sheets at craft stores, often the size slightly varies. I found it okay to make minor adjustments by slightly stretching while sewing and cutting)

2 pieces 6″ X 12″ (lining, outside)

1 piece 3″ X 12″ (pocket)

1 – flower shape

1 – circle for center of flower

1 button with shank

1 – 12″ piece of ribbon

1 – 11″ piece of ribbon

8 –  Crayons

1 – 3″ X 5″ 80 Sheet Memo Pad



Sew ribbon to top of pocket piece. This ribbon will keep the felt from stretching when child places crayons and notepad in and out of the pockets.


Place pocket piece on top of lining piece and mark fabric. I use a chalk marker filled with loose chalk. In the tip is a tiny metal wheel that neatly distributes the chalk. I have had it for years — it is a great tool!

Starting in the middle of the felt pocket, mark  1 5/8″ from the center then every 1″ to the side. The last space will be about 1 1/2″ (give or take, felt can stretch while sewing). Repeat on other side.  Really it only needs to be marked at the top. If making a bunch, use one as a template to mark the rest.


Stitch from the center to the side, making sure to reinforce at top by back stitching at the top of each pocket seam. I found that the lining piece was often a bit longer at this point. trim side edges so they are even (I have not yet trimmed in the picture).


Sew flower to top of outside felt piece. Insert 11″ ribbon 1/2″ into edge of flower before sewing around the petals. Sew flower center.


Place  the outside and lining pieces wrong sides together, matching edges and trimming if needed. Using between a 1/4″ – 3/8″ seam (my seam was a tad wider than 1/4″), stitch all the way around the outside edge.


Finish edges with pinking fabric shears.


Sew button with a shank to the center of the flower. Place all items in the pockets, fold up and decide how long ribbon needs to be. Fold the end of ribbon (making about a 1″ loop) and stitch back and forth to secure. Trim any extra ribbon.



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