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Felt Birthday Crown

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This week I am posting some ideas to make birthdays even more special. First up, a Birthday Crown!  These crowns are everywhere! This one is very simple and can be embellished any way you like!

Birthday Crown Template


Iron interfacing to the back of the piece of felt you want for the outside color. I only had a lightweight interfacing—-it works, but I  might try a medium weight next time.

felt-birthday-crown-2Trace crown onto the outside piece of felt with a disappearing fabric marker.  This is the stitching line —do not cut out.


Place the two pieces of felt together and stitch all the way around the crown outline——-making sure to slip in a piece of 1″ wide  elastic at the back.  You could easily make a casing for the elastic if you want it to have a more finished look.  My piece of elastic ended up being 10″ long and I placed 1″ in the seam on each side.  Measure a child’s head to get the measurement you need. Also stitch around the number.



Cut out the crown close to the stitching line, being careful not to clip the elastic.


The number on the front is a reverse applique.  Make a small slit in the top layer (be careful to only cut through the top layer) and then trim close to the stitching all the way around the inside of the number.


Ta Da!


Looking for beautiful felt? Try Wool Felt Central!


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