Skip To My Lou Craft, Create, Celebrate! Thu, 02 Oct 2014 12:00:01 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Free Printable Halloween Lunch Box Jokes Thu, 02 Oct 2014 12:00:01 +0000 Make the whole month of October fun with these Halloween Lunch Box Notes. The Halloween jokes are silly and sure to get a giggle from your child.

Halloween Lunch Box Jokes


Download and print the Halloween Jokes in color on white cardstock. Cut them apart and you will be ready to slip them into your child’s lunch.

Halloween Lunch Box Jokes Free Printable

halloween lunch box notes



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Free Printable Halloween 2 Liter Bottle Labels Wed, 01 Oct 2014 12:00:09 +0000 These Printable Halloween Bottle Labels are the perfect addition to any Halloween Party. They are also a great gift for a neighbor or friend or to serve up soda at the classroom halloween party! For a different style check out these Halloween 2 liter soda bottle covers.  For more Spooky treat ideas check out my Halloween Cookie Pops they are easy to make, and don’t require the oven! We love celebrating Halloween with these Halloween crafts.

Halloween 2 liter Bottle Lables FrankenSPRITE

Free Printable Halloween 2 Liter Bottle Labels

Dracola 2 liter Bottle Cover Printable

Franken Sprite 2 Liter Bottle Cover Printable

Witch’s Brew 2 Liter Bottle Cover Printable

Zombie Brains 2 Liter Bottle Cover Printable

Print the labels out on white copy paper in color. Cut out. Remove label from soda bottle and with a glue stick attach the new label.  Labels can be covered with clear packing tape to make them more durable if needed.

Halloween 2 liter bottle labels Witches Brew

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The Little Orange House {Halloween Storytelling Activity} Tue, 30 Sep 2014 12:00:36 +0000 Share this Halloween Story for the perfect Halloween Craft! It’s unique, because as you tell the story, the kids will perform different cutting activities and at the end they will have created a jack-o-lantern!  This is a great activity for your Halloween parties at home or at school. Kids will love it!  Simply read the story and provide orange paper and scissors! Don’t miss my other halloween crafts and activities!

The Little Orange House Halloween Storytelling Activity Printable Download

Once upon a time a very small witch was walking in the woods. The cold wind was blowing the dry leaves all around her. The little witch was frantically searching for a house for the winter. She could not find one.Suddenly a piece of orange paper, blown by the wind, landed at her feet. She picked it up.

The Little Orange House step 1

The little witch looked closely at the paper and then she siad, “I shall make myself a little house from this piece of prange paper.” She folded the paper in half.

The Little Orange House Step 2

Then she took her scissors (she always carried a pair in her pocket) and cut off the two corners to make a roof. “This will do just fine,” she said as she looked at her new house. “But I will need a door.”

The Little Orange House Step 3

With her scissors she cut a door. Since witches always wear pointed hats, she cut a special door. It looked like this.

The Little Orange House Step 4

The little witch walked through the door into the little orange house. It was very dark inside. She quickly hurried back out.

I will need to make a window to let in the light,” said the little witch. She cut a front and back window that looked like this.

The Little Orange House Step 5

Oh, it was a very fine looking house. Her very own little house with a roof, a door, and windows was all finished. But just as the little witch started to go inside for the winter, she saw a tiny ghost floating down the windswept path. As the tiny ghost came to a stop near the little house the little witch saw that she was crying. “Why are you crying?” asked the little witch. The tiny ghost stopped crying and answered, “It is cold and windy. It is getting dark. And I have no place to spend the winter.” “You may spend the winter with me in my new house,” said the kind little witch. “Oh, thank you,” the happy tiny ghost said as she peeked in through the widow. “This is a very nice house.” “First,” said the little witch, “I will need to make you a little door of your very own.” She took her scissors again and began to cut. She cut a very tiny door. It looked like this.

The Little Orange House Step 6

The two happy new friends went inside. The tiny ghost went in the very little door, and the little witch went through her own special door. All winter long they lived happily together inside the little orange house. If you want to see inside their little orange house, get a piece of orange paper and do just what the little witch did. Then unfold the paper. Surprise!

The Little Orange House - Storytelling Avtivity

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Made by you Monday Mon, 29 Sep 2014 12:00:04 +0000 It’s  Monday show us what you’ve got. It is time to link up your crafty goodness! Please don’t forget to link back! — a text link at the bottom of your post, or link somewhere on your blog is okay!Made By You Monday

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Caramel Dessert Recipes Sun, 28 Sep 2014 12:00:23 +0000 These Caramel Dessert Recipes alerted my sweet tooth this week on Made by you Monday! I can’t wait to try them all! Sweet and creamy there are so many ways to bake with caramel! Check them all out!


Salted Caramel Apple Crumb Bars by Two Peas in Their Pod



Caramel Apple Sangria Recipe by Pink Cake Box


Caramel Hazel Nut Sauce by Kleinworth & Co

caramel hazel nut sauce


Caramel Frosting Recipe by Skip to my Lou



Crock Pot Caramel Apple Cider by Tatertots and Jello


Be sure to link up tomorrow for another Made by you Monday!

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Candy Corn Lima Bean Wreath Sat, 27 Sep 2014 12:00:00 +0000 Welcome Alli guest posting from Made with Happy sharing this fun DIY craft project!

Now that Fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner, it seemed only fitting to come up with a wreath that is is both fun for Fall and Happy for Halloween.  We think this Candy Corn Lima Bean Wreath does just that.candy-corn-lima-bean-wreath-3We believe that when making a wreath is should not only be pretty, but simple and inexpensive too.  We think that this beauty does just that.   Here’s how we made it.




  • Straw Wreath
  • Two Bags of Large Lima Beans
  • Yellow and Orange Spray Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun with Glue
  • Ribbon for Hanging


The first step for this project is to divide one of the bags of lima beans in half.  Using newspaper or painters tarp, layout the beans in a single layer to paint.  spray-painted-lima-beansSpray one half the bag of beans yellow and the other half orange.  Once they are dry, its time to start to assemble.candy-corn-gluingStarting on the outside of the wreath, begin to glue a row of the same colored beans all the way to the inside.  In most cases the wreath will be hanging on a wall or door and so there is no need to glue the beans in a full circle around the entire wreath because the back will be never been seen.  So just stick to what is visible.  I like to glue the beans at a slight diagonal, but it would look just as cute in straight rows or even random.candy-corn-gluing-rowsContinue around the wreath until you have the entire wreath covered.  candy-corn-lima-bean-wreath From here, you simply add a ribbon to hang and viola, you have yourself a fun and festive Fall/Halloween Lima Bean Candy Corn Wreath that cost under $10 to make.candy-corn-lima-bean-wreath-2Happy Fall and Happy Crafting!

If you were inspired by this, here are a few other Fall Favorites you may enjoy over at Made with HAPPY



Leaf Bowl Tutorial

Thank-You-BankThank you Bank

zucchini-pizza-6Zucchini Pizzas

DNHMom-2My name is Alli and I blog over at Made with HAPPY.  Over the last year, my love of creating, making and adventure has taken me from a full time Corporate Marketing Strategist to full time Crafting, DIYer, Party Throwing, Traveling, Foodie who runs around the park, blowing bubbles and having spontaneous dance parties in my kitchen.  I happen to also love all things HAPPY, and hope that this wreath inspires a tiny piece of HAPPY for this FALL.

You can also find me here: Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Google+ | Twitter

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10 No Bake Halloween Treat Ideas Fri, 26 Sep 2014 12:00:51 +0000 Halloween treats are a fun way to create a festive halloween party, serve at the Halloween classroom party or just have some spooky fun with your kids. If you are looking for any halloween craft ideas don’t miss all the halloween crafts and activities I have shared on my site.

10 no bake halloween treats


Candy Bar Covers and Pumpkin Lollipops by Skip to my Lou

bat covers pumpin pops


Ghostly Snack and Homemade Halloween Treats by Skip to my Lou

ghostly snack

Witch Shoes and Mummy Treat Containers by Skip to my Lou

mummy treat collage

Halloween Cookie Pops and Halloween Soda Bottle Labels by Skip to my Lou

cookie pops

Chocolate Ghost Bananas  and Halloween Monsters by 36th Avenue

ghost bananas


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DIY No Sew Frozen Cape Thu, 25 Sep 2014 12:00:07 +0000 This No Sew Frozen Cape can be made in about 15 mins! Lets say thirty minutes if you have to run to the store for the felt.  Bella was invited to a Frozen Birthday party and was asked to go in character.  She decided to go as Olaf and I made a nose.  After she saw the nose she said, “I would rather be Anna!” Oh No!  I looked at the clock and had 45 mins before the party started. I went to the fabric store and grabbed some felt and came home and cut and glued and she arrived as Anna right on time for the party!

no sew frozen cape

Supplies for No Sew Frozen Cape

2 yards 72 inch wide craft felt
2 – 28 inch long pieces of ribbon
2 yards decorative trim (pom pom fringe or fur trim)
glue gun
sharp scissors

How to make a Frozen Cape

Lay out felt with fold on the right side..

frozen cape tutorial step 1

Fold over the top left corner to right side.

frozen cape tutorial step 2

Carefully flip felt over and fold again.

frozen cape tutorial step 3With sharp scissors cut an arc through all layers of felt. If it is too difficult open felt up one fold and cut the arc.

cutting frozen cape

Open up felt one fold and cut an arc at the top for the neck hole. Main part of cape is now finished!

frozen cape cutting neck

How to make the capelet

Lay out extra felt.

capelet tutorial step 1

Fold felt over and cut an arc.

capelet cutting instructions

Cut an arc at the top for the neck. Try to make it the same arc as the main cape so the neck areas will match up.

frozen cape cutting instructions

With scissors round off non folded edge of capelet.

shaping Frozen capelet instructions

Hot glue decorative trim along the outside edge of the capelet. This can also be sewn.

decorative trim for capelet

Lay capelet on top of large cape.  Sandwich a length of ribbon on each side of the neck. Place hot glue in between the layers of felt along neck, making sure to to secure the ribbon ties with glue.

Frozen cape tutorial

Finished! Let it go!

no sew frozen cape



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Banana Oat Muffins Wed, 24 Sep 2014 12:00:53 +0000 These banana oat muffins will use up all your ripe bananas and fill and satisfy all the tummies in your house.  Granola is the perfect way to sneak in oats! If you like to snack on muffins don’t miss this amazing round up delicious muffin recipes.  My family also loves these banana chocolate chip muffins.

banana oat muffins

Banana Oat Muffins

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
2 cups sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 pound unsalted butter, melted and cooled
2 extra-large eggs
3/4 cup whole milk
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
1 cup mashed ripe bananas (2 bananas)
1 cup medium-diced ripe bananas (1 banana)
1 cup diced pecans
1 1/2 cups granola

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Line 18 large muffin cups with paper liners. Sift the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt into a bowl.  Add melted butter and blend. Combine eggs, milk, vanilla, and mashed bananas, and add them to the flour-and-butter mixture. Scrape the bowl and blend well. Don’t overmix.

Fold the diced bananas, pecans and granola into the batter. Spoon the batter into paper liners, filling each 1 to the top. Top each muffin granola, if desired. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until the tops are brown and a toothpick comes out clean. Cool slightly, remove from the pan, and serve.

recipe adapted from Ina Garten

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$1000 Money For Christmas Giveaway Tue, 23 Sep 2014 02:00:17 +0000 money for christmas


How would you like to spend someone else’s money during the holidays?

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