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Fabric Coffee Sleeve Tutorial

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We are baking, sewing & crafting up a storm, preparing handmade gifts for this holiday season. I am sharing 30 wonderful sewn gifts from 30 amazing bloggers! Head on over to According to Kelly for 30 fabulous crafty gifts. A Southern Fairytale is spotlighting 30 edible yummies & holiday-inspired recipes.You definitely don’t want to miss a day! Check out ALL of our creative projects HERE.

Hi, I’m Jeni from In Color
! I love to sew, and I hope to give lots of handmade gifts
this holiday season! :)

Today I’m sharing a tutorial for a Coffee Cozy, a stylish alternative
to the cardboard version! This would be a great addition to a coffee
shop gift card!

Materials for Coffee Cozy

– Fabric scraps from up to 12 different fabrics
– 4.5″x12″ piece of backing fabric
– 4.5″x12″ piece of fusible fleece
– 1 coordinating elastic hair tie
– Small button
– Coordinating thread

Seam Allowance: 1/4″ unless noted

How to make a fabric coffee cup cozy

1. Download the pattern and print a copy of the template, making sure
there is no scaling. You can check by measuring the 1″ square. Cut
along the dashed line. (If you plan to make more than one, print two,
and cut the second along the solid line!)

Free Coffee Cozy Template

2. Select your fabrics or scraps and cut twelve 1.5″x4.5″ pieces.

3. Sew all 12 strips together along the 4.5″ sides. Press seams
however you’d like!

4. Using the template, lay it on top of your patchwork, right sides
up. Trace using a water soluble pen (just in case!). Cut out and set

5. Take your lining fabric and place the template on the wrong side of
the fabric. Trace and cut out.

6. Using a small length of thread, fold your hair elastic and tie a
small knot about a 1/3 of the way over, so that you have two uneven
loops. This will help hold it in place when you sew together your

7. Take your template and cut off the seam allowance by cutting along
the solid line. Use this template to cut out your fusible fleece.
Fuse to the wrong side of your patchwork piece.

8. Center your hair elastic along one edge of your patchwork piece,
with the large loop on the patchwork. Secure with a few stitches with
a 1/8″ seam allowance.

9. Place your front and back pieces right sides together and pin
around the edges.

10. Sew around all four edges, back stitching at the start and finish,
making sure to leave a 1.5″-2″ opening along the bottom edge for
turning. Carefully trim the corners and the excess hair elastic.

11. Turn your work inside out, using a turning tool or dull pencil to
poke out the corners, press. Top stitch very close to the edge,
making sure to close up the opening.

12. On the side opposite the hair tie, center your button 1.5″ from
the short edge. Mark with a pen. Start sewing your button from the
front side, so that you end up with your knot finishing under the
button. This leaves your backing nice and neat!

Voila! You’re finished! You could easily make these with more or less
patchwork, or simply, without patchwork!

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tutorials from my blog:

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(maybe a matching one for the coffee cozy!)



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