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Embroidery for kids from House On Hill Road

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The lovely Erin from House On Hill Road shares a delightful way to teach children embroidery using their own drawings. Imagine the satisfaction and pride this would give a child to stitch their own artwork.

Erin writes…

One of my favorite kids’ crafts is embroidery.  My daughters have been hand stitching designs from the age of four.  In my opinion, their uneven stitches and little mistakes add to the embroidery’s charm.  And if they are embroidering their own artwork, it’s even better.  It’s also very easy to get a child to start stitching.  You need basic supplies, a willing kid and a little patience to get great results.  And if your child is a budding artist, but isn’t interested in the actual embroidery, you can use this same process to do the stitching yourself.

You’ll need:

Artwork drawn by your child.  I direct my kids to not overdo the details.  While charming on paper, more scribbled lines means more stitches and more time and often kids aren’t in it for the long haul.  Save those drawings for you to embroider.

Cotton or linen fabric of your choice.  White, off-white or light colored solids work the best.

An embroidery hoop appropriate to the size of the drawing.

A transfer pencil.  I bought mine at a local art supply story.

Embroidery floss and embroidery needles.


To start, have your child draw on a white piece of paper using pencil or a fairly dark colored marker.

Tape the drawing to a window so that the blank side of the paper is facing you.  Trace the drawing using the transfer pencil.

Pin the drawing transfer side down to the fabric.  Using a hot iron without steam, transfer the pattern to the fabric.  (Refer to the instructions that came with your pencil for exact times).

Place the fabric in the embroidery hoop. Thread the needle for your child using 3 of the 6 strands of the embroidery floss. A great tutorial on how to knot the thread can be found here. You can teach your child how to back stitch or split stitch or just let them do it their own special way. Here’s a great website with embroidery stitch instructions. Any way they chose, the result is sure to be charming.

For more creative ideas please visit House On Hill Road.

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