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DIY Scratch-off Lottery Ticket Valentines

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My son took these “Lottery Tickets” to school today.  They were fun to make but I was wishing he only had 15 in his class instead of 23!

I printed the tickets on card-stock,  cut them out and then covered them with clear laminate (contact paper).

DIY Scratch-off Lottery Ticket Download

lottery-tickets-1I  made a little heart stencil out of sticky backed shelf liner (this is just slightly sticky). Place it over the scratch off area.

lottery-tickets-2Paint inside stencil with acrylic paint.

lottery-tickets-3It takes about two coats.  It worked better if I removed the stencil while the paint was slightly wet.  If some of the paint comes off it can be touched up later.  When I had problems with the words showing through I just went in with a small paint brush and gave the words another coat.

lottery-tickets-4Trim edges and cut the tickets apart.

lottery-tickets-5My son gave everyone a penny along with his Valentine to scratch off the message.


Before you roll your eyes and think these were way too much work—–please note that my son is in 6th grade. We have hit the end of the road for valentines! This was my last hurrah!


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