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DIY Pencil and Drawing Pad Holder

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I always think it is handy to have pencils and paper around to keep the kids busy.  For this pencil and drawing pad holder I used an old pair of jeans and some old denim drapes from IKEA.  Any fabric will work but I wanted this one to be as ‘manly’ as possible for my son!

Fabric Needed:

2 – 15 1/2 ” X 12 1/2″ pieces for the outside and the inside
(If you are using a cotton I would also cut a piece of iron on interfacing for each of the pieces to make it heavier) (I used 1 piece of sew-in interfacing)

7 1/2″ X 10″ piece for drawing pad pocket

10″ X  12 1/2″ piece folded in half lengthwise for pencil pocket

3 1/2″ X 4″ piece for closure (finished 3 1/2″ X 1″) (You might  re-figure this measurement when you decide exactly where your snap on the front will be. Just allow enough space for the pad to fit snugly and still snap easily to the front)

1 heavy duty snap (I used heavy duty since I was using denim—you could probably use a pretty snap for cotton)

If using iron on interfacing fuse to wrong side of inside and outside pieces

Embellish cover.  I used a pocket from an old pair of jeans

Add a snap to the front about 1 1/2 inches from the edge.  Placement will depend on how you embellish the front. Do not place the snap (or your embellishments)  too close to the edge or it will be hard to sew around the outside edge.

Place pencil pocket piece on left side going top to bottom. Starting over 1 1/4 inches from the top stitch a line from top of pocket to edge of fabric.  Back stitch at top of pocket to re-enforce. Sew every 1 inch across. You should end up with 1 1/4 inches on the other end. Note: You can make the spaces smaller, however I found that this caused the fabric to really pucker when pencils were placed in the pockets.

Since I used jeans I had a natural finished edge at the top my pocket.  If you are using fabric, turn down the top and stitch across so you have a nice finished edge.  Place drawing pad pocket on fabric right sides together. You need to figure out where to place it so after you stitch a 1/4 seam it folds over and meets the edge nicely.  This takes a bit of adjusting.

Take the closure piece and fold in half–press, open back up, fold each side into middle–press, fold in half–press.  Stitch down each side close to edge.  I found a piece of the curtain I could use.  You just need to have a piece about 1″ wide by 3 1/2 inches long.

Lay inside and outside pieces right sides together.  Insert your closure strip on the right side at the middle. It is important to make sure you line it up with your snap on the front! If you are using sew-in interfacing lay it on top outside.

Sew around 1/4 inch from the outside edge.  It is important to line up outside edges and make sure you stitch through all layers.  Leave a space at the top for turning.

Turn. Stitch opening closed. If I hadn’t used such heavy fabric I probably would have top-stitched around the outside very close to the edge (this would close opening).

Place a snap on the end of your closure piece (again check for proper alignment and length).

Place the cardboard back of the drawing pad in pocket (sorry I don’t have a pad to show you–I will get one so check back) and 12 colored pencils and you are done! It would also be nice with a set of drawing pencils.

Larissa of mmmcrafts used my tutorial to make these darling Drawing Pad Holders.  Great  Job!



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