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DIY Moon Sand

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A few ingredients and you can make your own “Moon Sand.”

moonsand1Mix 9 Cups of play sand (this is really fine sand I found at Wal-Mart).

moonsand2Next add 3 cups of cornstarch.

moonsand3Then add 2 1/2 Cups water. Start with 2 1/4 cups and continue adding the water until you have the desired consistency.

moonsand4Mix well

moonsand5You can experiment with the ingredients until you get it exactly how you like it.  Be careful though, it is very easy to get sandy oobleck! When finished playing, cover and store. Next time you play add a few tablespoons of water if it needs to be moistened.


It isn’t exactly the perfect moon sand but it is close (much cheaper and even the real Moon Sand did not meet my kids expectations) and my kids had a great time!


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