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DIY Hard Shell Ice Cream Topping Recipe

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Hard Shell Ice Cream topping is like magic!  Our family loves the ice cream topping that goes on liquid and then immediately hardens to make a hard yummy chocolate shell. It is is so amazing! 

Making your own hard shell topping  is unbelievably easy— and it tastes pretty close to the real thing! My family even thought it tasted like the dipped cones at Dairy Queen.

How to make Hard Shell Ice Cream Topping

1 1/4 Cups Chocolate Chips

1/2 Cup Coconut Oil (measured when solid)


Melt chocolate chips and coconut oil in the microwave about 1 minute (depending on your microwave). Allow to sit a few minutes to allow the heat of the oil to melt the chocolate chips and then stir until smooth. It will be runny.


Pour topping into a glass bottle.  A recycled salad dressing or sauce  bottle works great.  A glass bottle is best since the topping will be heated in the microwave. Store in the refrigerator. To serve, heat bottle in microwave (open cap) for 30 seconds until liquid. Slightly shake and continue heating at 15 second intervals if not liquid after the first 30 seconds. Pour over your favorite ice cream and in a few seconds you will see magic!


  • You can substitute butter for the coconut oil, however the coconut oil gives the more ‘real’  flavor of the store bought topping.
  • You can use milk chocolate chips, but everyone we served preferred the semi-sweet chocolate chips.
  • This homemade magic shell is great to keep on hand for a last minute dessert for unexpected guests.
  • Neither of the ingredients say they must be refrigerated’, but I keep any leftovers in the refrigerator just to be safe. When it is stored in the refrigerator it will take longer to heat so keep leftovers in a glass bottle not plastic.

Do you love ice cream? Try making ice cream in a can or ice cream in a zip loc bag. You might also enjoy these yummy ice cream sandwiches!


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