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DIY Doodle Lunch Bag

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This chalk cloth lunch bag is a breeze to sew and it is unique way to send some fun doodles to lunch with you child. A couple years ago I made a simple lunch bag out of oil cloth. This doodle bag uses the same pattern but instead it is sewed with chalk cloth.
DIY Chalk Cloth Lunch Bag

Supplies for Chalk Cloth Lunch Bag

1 yard of chalk cloth will make two lunch bags
leather sewing machine needles
tiny clothes pins
a button
a couple inches of elastic cord
1/3 yard of nylon webbing
upolstery thread
chalk markers

DIY Doodle Lunch Bag Supplies

How to make a lunch bag

Cut two pieces of chalk cloth 15″ X 12 ” , cut a 2 1/2″ square from each bottom corner.


I use tiny clothes pins to hold it all together.

DIY Doodle Lunch Bag step 1

With right sides together sew along each side and across the bottom.

DIY Doodle Lunch Bag Step 2

Pinch the bottom corners together.

DIY Doodle Lunch Bag Step 3

Stitch across.

DIY Doodle Lunch Bag Step 4

Repeat for other side.

DIY Doodle Lunch Bag Step 5

Turn lunch bag right side out. Fold top down about a half of an inch. Top stitch around the top edge using a 3.5 stitch length. The tiny clips will keep the top even while you sew. Remove just before sewing.

DIY Doodle Lunch Bag Step 6

DIY Doodle Lunch Bag Step 7

Attach the handle to the outside by turning each end of the webbing under 1 inch. Sew handle down 2 inches from the top edge and each end of the handle over 2 1/2″ from the side seam. Stitch about an inch on each side of webbing.

DIY Doodle Lunch Bag Step 8/a>

Sew a piece of elastic cord big enough to go around your button in the middle edge of the bag on the top inside edge.

DIY Doodle Lunch Bag 9

Fold over the lunch bag and mark where the button needs to go. Sew on a cute button!

DIY Doodle Lunch Bag

TaDah! A cute doodle lunch bag. This bag was doodled by my brother for Bella’s first day of school! Yes, I have said it here before he is an amazing brother!


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