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DIY Camp Stove

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We are thinking outside the box and made ourselves a camp stove out of ductwork!

DIY Camp Stove

It really was super simple and all the supplies can be found at Lowes.

Supplies For DIY Camp Stove

6″ x 6″ x 6″ galvanized Tee duct

6″ galvanized duct collar

6″ galvanized damper

6″ round duct cap

4″ x 4″ x 8″ Step Flashing

4 – 60D Hot Galvanized Polebarn nails

#10 x 1/2″ phillips head metal pan screws

#8 flat washers


diy cook stove supplies

How To Build A Camp Stove

First, flatten the step flashing.

DIY cook stove step 1

Hook the duct cap to the flattened step flashing with four screws. Drill pilot holes first to make this easier.

diy camp stove step 2

Drill a 1/4″hole in each corner of the flattened step flashing. This will give the cooker a place to be staked so it won’t tip over.

DIY cook stove step 3

Install the damper by drilling a hole in the top side of the tee that points out to the side.

diy cook stove step 4

Unhook the collar by removing the small metal clip.

DIY Cook stove step 5

Fit the collar into the top of the tee, drill a hole, and fasten with a screw.

DIY cook stove step 6

Spread the flanges in and out all the way around the top of the collar. Set the tee onto the cap that was attached to the flattened step flashing.

DIY cook stove

Build your fire inside and you are ready to get cookin!

Homemade camp stove

If you are looking for ideas to beautify your outdoor space Lowe’s has all the tools you need to be creative. Check out their Lowe’s Creative Ideas blog and be inspired! You can find Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook and don’t forget to pick up a FREE Subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine. Their magazine is fabulous!


As always my DIY supplies are from my go to store Lowes. Thanks Lowes for sponsoring this post!


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