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Crochet Heart Cake Bunting

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This crochet heart cake bunting is the perfect way to sweeten up a cake! Show mom or that someone special how much you love them with these cute little crochet hearts. This super easy heart garland can be made in minutes! crochet heart cake bunting

How to make crochet  heart cake bunting

Grab a little bit of yarn, these don’t take much! I used Lion Brand Yarn Bonbons  and Size E crochet hook . mini crochet hearts Use this easy crochet heart pattern to make hearts. These heart appliques are also great for embellishing a crochet coffee cozy. Once you have made the amount of hearts you need to go across the cake hook them together with a chain.

Chain 2 or 3 , working from the back of the hearts single crochet in the top stitch of the heart, chain 3, single crochet in top stitch of other side of heart, chain 3, add next heart in the same way working along until all hearts are joined. mini crochet heart bunting Use two sucker sticks and two pony beads to hang the crochet garland. heart crochet cake bunting tutorial Place a single strand of the yarn on top of the sucker stick and put a pony bead over the end of the stick securing the yarn. It is a tight fit. It helped to place the pony bead on the table and push the stick into the bead. Trim any extra yarn. crochet cake bunting tutorial There you have it a quick and easy crochet bunting pattern! crochet heart cake bunting Want to wow mom with a yummy bundt cake. Try this easy lemon cake or this double chocolate bundt cake recipe.

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