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Crochet Flower Headband

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This crochet flower headband is a simple project that can be completed quickly and makes a beautiful useful handmade gift! This headband is nice and wide and will be the perfect ear warmer to keep those ears toasty during these cold weather months.  If you are looking for more crochet flowers and other fun things to crochet, please come visit my  free crochet patterns!

how to make a crochet flower headband

How to crochet a flower headband

Hook G, worsted weight yarn (I used a cotton)

(This is the same stitch as my favorite crochet dish cloth.  I love how it makes a scalloped border without having to crochet around the edge. The dish cloths are also super simple to make and make a great handmade gift)

Row 1: Chain 16, double crochet, chain 2, single crochet into 4th chain from hook, * Skip next 3 chains, work 2 double crochets, chain 2, single crochet in next chain stitch*,Repeat the stitches between * * to the end of the row.

Row 2: Chain 2 turn, double crochet, chain 2, single crochet in 1st chain 2 space, 2 double crochets, chain 2, single crochet into each remaining Chain 2 spaces across to end.

crochet headband step 1 Repeat Row 2 until it is long enough to fit snugly around the head. For my nine year old daughter it measured  just slightly under 18 inches.

crochet ear warmer step 2

Weave in  loose ends. Sew the ends of the strip together with a yarn needle.

crochet ear warmer step 3


How to crochet a flower

Crochet a huge flower to make it extra fun! I used this crochet flower pattern. I added one extra row to make it even bigger by repeating the last row in the pattern. Any big flower will do. You can check out these crochet flowers patterns too.

crochet flower

Sew the flower to the headband with yarn and a yarn needle.crochet ear warmer pattern

If you love to crochet please come visit my free crochet patterns data base. You will find hundreds of beautiful crochet patterns.  You can even upload your own crochet patterns!

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