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Bunny Cupcakes

Surprise Me!

These bunny cupcakes are super fun for Easter! Best of all they are super simple to make!  You know I love quick & easy recipes.

First I made some candy bunny ears. Melt white candy coating and place in a disposable pastry bag. Trim the tip so you have a small hole. To make it easier I drew a bunch of ears on a piece of copy paper, then covered it with paper. This gave me a guide.

Place a tooth pick (mine were four inches long but I ended up having to break off about an inch). Allow candy coating to harden.

With a candy writer (or pink candy coating in a pastry bag) place the middle part of the ear covering the toothpick.

While the ears are drying frost the cupcakes.

Pipe two mounds of frosting with a number 12 round pastry tip.

Add two tic tacs for teeth.

Give your bunny candy eyes and a sixlet nose.

Place in the candy ears and you have a darling bunny!


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