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Bottle Gift Bag

Surprise Me!

Here is a quick festive holiday gift bag for a bottle

How to make a Bottle Gift Bag

  • Cut two pieces of felt 6 X 16 1/2 inches (you can make it shorter but I wanted it long enough to cover my bottle stoppers
  • One piece of fur trim 17″ long

Stitch fur to front of one piece of felt. It was easier if I stitched in the same direction (fur laying down) down on both sides.

Stitch the two pieces of felt right sides together, leaving the top open

Sew across bottom corner 1 inch from the edge

Repeat on other side

Turn right side out. Tie with a black ribbon.  I think I might have fastened ribbon with a belt buckle if I had had one. I also wanted to put some silver jingle bells on the ends of the ribbon. I am still considering adding the felt fur along the top of the bag.

Ho Ho Ho!


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