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Today we have Marie, from Make and Takes as our guest blogger helping us promote the Read to Feed project.  If you want a daily dose of home keeping ideas and crafty tidbits please check out her blog!  You will find yummy recipes, innovative product reviews and plenty of inspiring projects and crafts to keep you and your family happy and having fun!

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Marie writes…….

I’m happy to be sharing a storytime here at Skip to my Lou! We love to read books at our house, then come up with crafty ways to remember the story. For today’s book, we read Chimps Don’t Wear Glasses. It’s a silly book where all kinds of animals are doing things they would never really be doing. Like a Lion Juggling, a Giraffe Driving, or a Camel Singing! There is also a second book called, Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers.

To celebrate this fun book, we came up with a few more silly animals of our own. I printed off some pictures from the computer and we glued them on to paper. You could draw your own animals or even cut some out of scrap magazines. Then the kids drew the extra stuff for the animals.

My son chose a mouse and a dinosaur. The mouse is camping and the dinosaur is riding a pogo stick. My son said that the dinosaur’s wings don’t work, so he had to ride the pogo stick to get around.

My daughter chose a tiger and a horse. The tiger is Master Tigress from Kung Fu Panda. My kids are still practicing Kung Fu on each other from the movie. Then the horse is doing a ballet dance of course. I love her choices, Kung Fu and Ballet. My kind of girl!

Once we finished the pictures, we put them together in a little book. Now we can read it along with the original. My kids keep coming up with different animals and more crazy things they’re doing. I think our book is going to end up really long. What other silly animals can you come up with?

Cindy writes…..

I love Laura Numeroff books!  Actually I think she wrote the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series about ME!!  Laura Numeroff has a great website with some fun activities!


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