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Back to school ideas for teacher appreciation

Surprise Me!

I found these cool water bottles on clearance at Wal-mart so our PTO purchased them for our teachers.  Do you have an idea for a cute saying?

I was thinking……..

“We are filled to the brim with great teachers”

I thought there was a individual drink powder called “Performance” and I would say, “We hope this year out performs all the others” —but there is not.

I would love to hear your ideas!!

Many of the following ideas could be used by your Parent Teacher Organization” to welcome back the entire teaching staff.

  • Apples “you are the apple of our eye”
  • Container of paper clips “to help you hold everything together this year”
  • Jolly Ranchers ” We hope you will have a happy year”
  • 100,000 Grand Bar ” We know the work you do this year will be worth more than 100,000 Grand”
  • Pencils “Thank you for helping our children write the future”
  • Nature’s Harvest Bar “Thank you for helping our children harvest their potential”
  • Notepads “A note to say we think your school has the best teachers!”
  • Skore BarYour school or child’s name has ‘skored’ big when we got you for a teacher”
  • Can of pop “We are bubbling over with excitement to have you for our teacher”
  • Whopper candy “We hope you will have a ‘whopper’ of a year”
  • Rulers “We hope this year really measures up”
  • Goldfish crackers “We hope this will be o’fish’ally the best year” or ” Your school o’fish’ally has the best teachers”
  • A lottery ticket “We hope this year will be a winner”
  • A battery operated person fan with a tag saying “We are your biggest fan, we hope this year is so great it blows you away!”

More staff and teacher appreciation ideas can be found here.

More sayings for candy and small gifts can be found here.

Last year I gave my children’s  teachers hand lotion to start the year off. I think I will do this again.


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