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Win a whole year of Method Laundry Detergent

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Wow! It doesn’t get any better than that--winning a years worth of laundry soap! Did you know the average American family does 600 loads of laundry per year?  That’s a whole lotta laundry. How many do you think you do? Wouldn’t you love to win all that soap for free?

I worry about the chemicals in the products my family uses, especially our laundry detergent since our clothes are constantly rubbing our skin. That is why I use Method Soap!

This is laundry soap done right!

  • Plant-based formula with smartclean technology® seeks out dirt and stains
  • 8x concentrated so it uses drastically less water, 36% less plastic and requires 33% less energy and oil to produce than most widely-available detergents.
  • The unique precision-dosing pump means no overdosing and no drips, so you truly get the loads that you pay for
  • Biodegradable formula reduces the average laundry detergent lifecycle carbon footprint by 35%
  • Comes in a compact, recyclable bottle made from 50% recycled plastic.

Bottom line – this innovative formula means that you get extra clean clothes without the harmful stuff that most detergents leave behind, so it’s good for the earth and for your family.

Win a year of laundry detergent. Is is really simple! All you need to do is enter the giveaway on their Facebook page {use this link if you’re mobile}.


*SPECIAL OFFER: enter the promo code APRDET at checkout to get $3.00 off your online order of any one (1) method® laundry detergent 50 load bottle (600 mL). offer valid through 05/01/13 or while supplies last. offer available in the U.S. to product sold only through methodhome.com.


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