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Fourth of July Parade Floats

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We love the Fourth of July and we especially love a parade! This is our eighth year to participate in our neighborhood parade!  As you can see our floats have evolved and we take this very seriously!

Our very first year was a simple cart with costumes we practically made on the spot. The boys wore cotton  beards and our Statue of Liberty had a torch out of a wrapping paper tubes with a tissue paper flame and a paper plate and cardboard crown.

Our next year we made gigantic red. white and blue palm trees out of cardboard carpet tubes and cardboard. The kids played bad-mitten between the trees and hit candy with their rackets out into the crowd.

Carpet tubes are the bomb! For this float we used a bunch of carpet tubes to make a fort!  We hot glued cardboard buckles to the boy’s church shoes and made them wear their baseball pants and felt suspenders.

We took PVC pipe and made air cannons that shot candy out into the crowd.

This is the year we start getting bigger! We made a huge chicken wire frame and stuffed it with tissue to create a giant Uncle Sam! He is standing in two buckets of concrete to make him stay up.

I love our “Rocket Men.” The boys rode a huge rocket made out of sono tube. The little girls rode behind lighting the rocket.

In 2010 we celebrated the Fourth with a giant Birthday cake. Yes, the candle was lit. Once again a carpet tube saves the day. A tiki torch stuck  inside the carpet tube made a great candle. Pool noodles helped to make the perfect “frosting” border around the cake. We realize the boys are getting too big for this! See pictures of building the cake here.

We brought back Uncle Sam to light the birthday candle!

Last year we tried to think of the least embarrassing idea for a Fourth of July Parade Float. Who doesn’t love boating?

Yes we actually pulled a “skier” (on a skate board) behind the boat and those waves really moved!


So here we are 2012. We have been working and working. This is the best float ever. The boys have definitely lost interest but the parents have gained theirs. We brought it this year!

Eagle Parade Float

Eagle 4th of july parade float

Seeing all these parade floats makes me thankful for such a dear group of friends to have fun and create with.   It has been an amazing eight years watching these little boys grow into such fine big boys. I am thankful that even though they weren’t much help with the creating these past few years they have still played along for the little sisters!

….and yes we have already talked about next years float!



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